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smec, intercooled 2.2 or not?

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Help. Have checked the TC pages and all the newsletters. Got a smec off a 88 Dodge Daytona Shelby 2.2 5 speed but I don't think the car was intercooled. Will this still work on a 89 TC 2.2???? If not I want my $44 dollars back.

Yes after a few years I want to change things up a little.

Called UPS the other day to pick up a delivery. The person at UPS informed me it was 18 miles to go get. Usually this would be no fun right! They even had it at my front door three times. But I hopped in the TC and wound up going West on I-70 about sunset. Beautiful with the snow capped peaks and purple mountains. I still can't believe how comfortable those seats are. Thats even after a 1,000 mile trip out to Reno last year. Well when I was back home I opened the box and there was a nice bottle of Italian chianti. Nice way to finsih off a trip. Happy Easter all even if I just wish I had the fastest TC.

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should hook up, if its from a intercooled 5 spd its going to be too much boost for that automatic trans to handle for long,. thats why the TC only makes 160 on the stok computer, its adjusted to that so it doesnt kill the trans. that sounds like the correct computer tho

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Finally put on the smec from the pick and pull and guess what. It works great. I can see why its hard on the 3 speed auto. The numbers on top were scratched off so I couldn't go by that but when I hit 2500 rpm I could tell and after 3500 rpm it was like someone had put steroids in the gas tank.

Short story

My vin is 231 so might be different but I had to use a 1/4" drive and a socket with no shoulder to go under the rubber hood support to get the top screw for the smec.

Long story

First time I pulled the hood support then the smec because the socket I was using wouldn't fit past the hood support to the top smec screw. Then pulled the smec and found the two nuts I dropped, don't laugh I mean from the hood support. Put on the new smec and found out now I couldn't hold the rear nut up to start it. Okay, now pulled the smec, put on nuts, put in smec and used a smooth socket instead of one with a big shoulder. Had to pry up the hood support a little but I think thats the easiest way to remove the smec.

Has anyone had this issue? Now I want to move the BOV, and up the exhaust to 2 1/2 cat back.

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Don't just move the blow off valve, replace it. Rick Diago at RDI has a kit that sources the BOV from a Porsche 911T. It works well with just a little release sound. Cindy at FWD has a kit that uses a polished BOV that CART uses that when releasing will scare small children. Both do the job 100% better than stock. 20 years of R&D will do that.




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Nice to see some other folks tapping into the performance aspect of TC ownership. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> If you go with an exhaust in addtion to your increased boost level you are *probably* OK with the stock fuel system... Maybe talk with Rick about system upgrades, a new pump, larger injectors or an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to increase the fuel pressure (hence the fuel flow) a few psi. If you injectors are original they may not be flowing to the original rating...


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