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NEED A 51 Buick Hood Emblem , bezel look at ebay post

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Ok so I want to replace the hood emblem on my 51 buick, every now and then I see them on ebay and see them as NOS the last one I saw went for $225, yeah I thought that was high.. well follow this link to see what the last NOS emblem went for....go on just see....

Ebay 1951 Buick NOS Hood Emblem

Anyone know if you can find a reproduction or want to sell one?\


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Hi Alex,

I feel your pain. I was in the same position as you with my '51 Roadmaster. My hood emlem was cracked and the previous owner used putty behind the emblem to keep it in place. I checked Bob's and such and the part is no longer made. I found one on Ebay that was repainted but looks much better than my original. I paid $80 for it. Be vigilant and one will come along. I sure would like to see the part reproduced again though.

Best of luck!


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