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Need to ID this car


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Thank you very much. I had tried the usual Ford, Chevy, etc. routes, but

no luck. This car was owned by a state judge. May I assume it might have

been a bit more expensive than an ordinary car? Dating is important as

it is the only way I have of verifying his presence at a certain place he

owned many, many years ago.

Thanks again.

Tom Dewey

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The license plate is not a 1910 Pa, as 1910 was the first year for the metal "keystone" on the left side; which this plate obviously does not have. The "keystone" was stamped with the serial # of the car. However, I suppose it could be a early 1910 Winton pictured in late 1909

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Here is newspaper account of when this car was purchased:

?Mrrs. W. I. Lewis drove from New York in their new ?Winton Motor? to be at home for the Fourth. Robert Lewis joined them at Binghamton and rode home,? Potter Journal: July 3, 1907.

Also, another picture.


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