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Y-Block Chrome Valve Covers

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Did Ford offer as an option...Chrome valve covers for the 312 Y-Block. I have a set that are chrome and stamped "FORD". These are not recent import repops. When you turn them will see a band of steel about 1/2" wide go all the way around the bottom side just above the gasket channel. It was spot welded in and than chromed. They are quiet heavy and in excellent condition. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks....Ron

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I am by no means an expert in this type of thing, but I am thinking

that the T'bird may have had chrome valve covers. The 312 cu in

engine would have been used in about '56, '57 and '58, I think. Oh,

but the T'bird engine would have read "Thunderbird" on the valve covers

more than likely. Could have been used on a high performance 312 (4bbl or

3-2bbl carbs).

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