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Entertainment & Comfort Data Line

Richard S

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Still wiring the Jensen and got some good feedback from Ben on a couple of issues. His suggestions seem logical, but thought I would check to see if others have resolved these for certain:<BR>The manual shows a dark green wire which happens to be in my 7 pin connector labeled "entertainment and comfort data line". There is no such analog on the Jensen radio. What does this wire do? Where should I wire it to the radio? What is the consequence of not using it?<P>Second, both the 7 and 6 pin connectors have brown/white wires. I assume both are ignition controlled hot wires. The radio requires only 1. Can I use either one?<P>Third, the 7 pin connector has both grey and purple/white wires. The manual shows the grey to be "instrument panel dimming" and the purple/white to be "vf dimming input". The radio uses only 1 wire to control its lighting. Which should I use? What is the consequence of ignoring the other?

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