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1950 chrysler winsor restoration(need info)

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I am restoring a 50 chrysler winsor and need a couple of questions answered. I need to know the origional color of the engine in detail, if anyone knows please respond or maybe e-mail me some pictures.(flat head 6) I also need to know that when pulling the engine does the transmission(fluid drive) have to be pulled with it. Finally I have not been able to locate a fuse box on the car, is there one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. www.mdf7371@yahoo.com

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To remove engine, first disconnect driveshaft, handbrake linkage, gearshift, exhaust pipe etc under the car. Remove floor covers and disconnect wires to transmission. Remove transmission. Remove hood and radiator. Disconnect wires, hoses etc. from engine. Unbolt motor mounts front and rear.Now remove the engine in the usual way. The clutch and fluid drive unit come out with the engine.

Why do you want to remove the engine, it may not be necessary?

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There is not a fuse box on these cars. There is a circuit breaker up under the dash near the ignition switch.

You should purchase a shop manual on the car... available from many web sites. It will have a wiring diagram in it which will be very helpful as you proceed with the restoration of your vehicle.

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