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Apologies , but a bit of a associated topic 

but I find driving my classic Ruby quite stressful if I stop to think about a potential accident, was nearly hit head on during a rally on a s bend , not being anti  regarding woman drivers , but it was a woman on the wrong side of road !

Being in Cyprus, i think about the added difficulty of repairing Ruby over here ,  should she get damaged ,obtaining parts etc .

Ruby , quite a costly car for my budget , if I owned one of the stunning expensive cars some the members have , don’t know how I would feel taking into to some of the busy thoroughfares I take Ruby. On second thoughts I’d like the opportunity 😆

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With having been in two major crashes (not my fault or hurt) with my company trucks in the past 10 years due to incompetent / careless drivers, I have thought (not dwelled on it though) about this issue with my Buick too. 

Sharp eyes and awareness around you are about the only defence against what seems to be ever increasing dangerous driving out there...

Even with that... the road travelled is often a gamble.

(fortunately NOT my Buick)


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 I have the same worries. I had a very near miss the other day in my daily driver. A Fed Ex truck stopped nicely at the stop sign at the cross road, and I was on the thru road, then he pulled out right in front of me! Haven't had as close a call for a while. I suppose he thought it was a four way stop or something. I think the quick ratio steering on modern cars is one of the biggest safety benefits, as it has allowed me to avoid many similar accidents over the years.

 The one time I did get hit in a vintage Buick was when the '56 Roadmaster was hit in the right side door in 1981, and I saw the guy coming out of the side street, but the poor '56 couldn't move out of the way fast enough.


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4 hours ago, Elpad said:



I once saw a guy do that exact thing.  The only part of the car touching the ground was the left corner of the back bumper.

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