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79-85 illuminated entry

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I'm thinking about trying to strip the illuminated entry out of a 79 to 85 Riv. Does anyone know what componets make up this system? Is the lock lights fiber optic like the light monitors?

Thanks in advance.

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It is possible that the door lock cylinder illumination ring is attached to a fibre optic cable. There should also be an electrical switch to trigger the system on the door handle or door lock mechanism. I suspect there should also be a relay and timer mechanism involved too, which would basically run the lighted entry system. I also suspect the particular door key cylinder and outer bezel will be specific to the lighted entry system, also.

If you get the system from a salvage vehicle, you can either get the "new" cylinders decoded and a key cut for them or transfer get the tumblers and springs transferred from your existing cylinder . . . providing they both take the same key blank (i.e., determined by the upper alignment groove's width and placement on that part of the key AND how the top or bottom of the key blank might be "offset" on the main shank of the key).

Might that lighted entry system also light up the deck lid lock also? I don't recall if it should or not. Having to deal with the deck lid key cylinder might define the best way to deal with the key/recode situation.

Just some thoughts,


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