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Last call for 89 TC parts from 16V car

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All parts are from a 89 16V Burgundy with burgundy TC. Please DO NOT inquire about any other parts as they have been previously sold, Car is gone to salvage, these parts remain. I do not check this site very often, so email if you really need an immediate response at: Omnishelby@yahoo.com

[color:"black"] If I am out of line on prices make offer, I'll consider. I cut prices again on most everything. Both parties will consider these parts yours only after payment is received. I am not holding parts for anyone. No dibs, etc. I've sold some of these parts multiple times but payment isn't ever sent? What's up with that? I will accept Paypal, or USPS postal money order, or bank cashiers check only. Shipping not included in price. Parts are located near MPLS, MN 55431. You can certainly pick up parts to save shipping costs. Pictures are available on any on these parts if you are serious about buying.

$100 Rear bumper fascia. Bare. Two 2" small cracks need to be repaired. They have been stabilized with fiberglass from the rear of fascia. EX repairable for your bodyman. Will be expensive to ship due to oversize box.

$40 rear bumper center nerf strip. Nice, except bolts broken off, must be drilled out.

$60 each L+R front fenders w/o wheelwell trim w/side molding. Expensive to ship.

$60 each L+R front door glass.

$40 each L+R ¼ window glass (drivers weatherstrip bad, pass good).

$60 Right 1/4 window regulator w/o glass. $80 with glass

$40 Left side mirror [color:"red"]sold

$50 rear aluminum bumper reinforcement

$10 each L+R F+R bumper frame rail brackets (absorbers). [color:"green"]thrown out

$50 anti lock module

$40 Passenger side rear tail light

$25 Rear fascia above rear bumper. Probably oversize box. [color:"green"]thrown out

$40 Trunk carpet (all five pieces). Good shape (burgundy). [color:"red"]sold

$20 Burgundy armrest. Not torn, but leather is in very poor shape. Good core. [color:"red"]sold

$15 each L+R headlight metal mounting brackets. [color:"green"]thrown out

$25 each Wheel well trim (each wheel) $75 for all four wheels.

$20 Drivers side hardtop cast aluminum hold down bracket (under hard boot) [color:"blue"]given away for free

$10 passenger side burgundy pull down lever (in hardtop). [color:"blue"]given away for free

$20 for both painted Burgundy L&R tonneau cover hardboot side pieces [color:"green"]thrown out

$75 Pull down assembly. Clear plastic motor gear cracked. Motor is good.

$15 each passenger side door latch and striker [color:"red"]sold

$15 each L+R door lock assembly (illumination is bad) [color:"red"]sold

$10 each Stainless door sill trim with rubber [color:"blue"]given away for free

$15 each L+R stainless door jamb trim [color:"blue"]given away for free

$15 Burgundy glove box assembly. No key for lock [color:"blue"]given away for free

$10 Burgundy pass side sill plate (plastic) [color:"blue"] given away for free

$10 Two Burgundy dash vents. Center is dual, drivers side single. [color:"red"]sold

$10 Pass door wiring harness [color:"red"]sold

$10 Pass door power lock solenoid [color:"red"]sold

$10 each L+R a pillar stainless trim (both windshield and weatherstrip side [color:"red"]sold

$20 pass side door trim (door ding guard). [color:"red"]sold

$10 Pass side front fender trim (door ding guard) [color:"blue"]given away for free

$10 Drivers side front fender trim (door ding guard) [color:"blue"]given away for free

$10 Head light switch [color:"red"]sold

$20 soft top weatherstrip (5 pieces). [color:"red"]sold

$20 center console drivers seat control switch [color:"red"]sold

$20 center console passenger seat control switch [color:"red"]sold

$5 rear defrost switch [color:"blue"]given away for free

$5 coolant overflow bottle [color:"red"]sold

$15 Air horn compressor (Fiamm) [color:"red"]sold

$15 Fiamm air horn with water guard. [color:"red"]sold

$10 each L&R underhood headlight covers. Not broken but factory knobs were replaced with bolt instead of plastic knob. not correct but better than missing one. [color:"red"]sold

Complete Teves anti lock unit. Had hard brake pedal. Needs to be serviced. Pump works fine. Make offer.

RH headlight assembly. Not including cornering light. Make serious offer.

Rear reflector complete. Nice. Make good offer

16V specific parts (make offer less marked)

TC throttle body (different throttle lever)

TC throttle body brace and turnbuckle, cable attachment. Bolts to intake and trans.

16V intercooler to TB hoses. (lower hose)

16V intercooler to airbox (upper hose)

16V Turbo to airbox (cast aluminum)

16V airbox bracket, bolts to head

16V airbox (with BOV hose) [color:"blue"]given away for free

16V cruise control servo (not sure if this is specific to 16V)

16V Underhood cowl plastic that covers the cowl area for the 16V car. It has the correct vacuum harness sticker. [color:"green"]thrown out

16V IHI Turbo very recent rebuild but smokes? New wastegate acuator. I may have this rebuilt.

$150 Complete underhood 16V engine electrical harness w/o smec or anti lock w/all relays. includes battery and alt. sub harness. Excludes injector harness. [color:"red"]sold

16V rebuilt SHORTBLOCK- this shortblock has 9k on it since rebuild. Was rebuilt for a cost of $2860 several years ago. This is the approx. one of 250 common block 16V motors, not the weaker early block. This includes 16V specific oil pan, billet crank, cap style rods, custom forged pistons and water pump and housing. DOES NOT INCLUDE 16V head, intake, or exhaust manifolds, turbo or accessories. Motor ran great. Car was scrapped because of rust. This obviously will be expensive to ship.

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