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48 Dodge oil filter

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Howdy again, folks,

I have a decent 48 Dodge and it is time to change oil and

filter. Before we drain the crank case and yank out the old

filter, I'd like to have one in my hands. Can anyone tell me a

part number or otherwise direct me? The local NAPA can't find a listing on anything

but a 48 Dodge V-Eight pickup. I didn't know they made a V-8 then,

but I guess that is another story. Same also for gas cap.

Thank you guys, Steve

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No wonder NAPA can't help. No Dodge V8's in '48. Engine must be later, if it is actually a Chryco unit. Are you sure of the engine's heritage? If you post details here, someone will be able to tell you what you have.

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