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So do you own an antique MG?

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I have recently done a project for a person who lives in my town who owns a 1946 MG and he wanted a carving made to resemble it.

I did this for him and he was so impressed he said you should see if more people would want it and that is why I am here.

I have attached a picture of the carving, so if you are interested please send me an email and we can talk about price. I live in Ontario Canada, but don't let that deter you cause I will charge the actual shipping cost with insurance.

I will use a pic of your car so it will be specific to you and no one else!!!

As you might imagine I had to work with the image a little, but I tried to keep as much original as I could.

If you look at the picture of the carving and you think to yourself hmmm that is cool contact me and we can talk. you can email me a picture of your car MG or not does not matter, this will make it easier to quote you the price.



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