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restoring a 1930 Cadillac V-16 Fleetwood Sedan


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I'm restoring a 1930 Cadillac V-16 Fleetwood Sedan. I'm in need of runningboards and engine splash pans.

I saw that the splash pans were repro'd but can't find where to find them. A pair was on Ebay but I missed them.

I also heard that a fellow in PA by the last name of "Gano??" had done a repro run of the runningboards but I can't seem to find him.

Any help appreciated

Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH

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Dear Mr. Wallace,

I can't direct you to splash pans or running boards, but I think I can steer you to some helpful people.

Bill Scherer

19218 Eastwood

Harper Woods, Michigan 48225

(313) 372-3808

He sells a line of repro items that are high quality, including emblems and badges, pot metal castings, carburetor repair kits and a lot of other items. He is in Florida until the end of March, but someone is taking messages for him. He may be able to provide leads for other parts.

Verdone's Custom Casting

Jere and Marge Verdone

31 Stricklerstown Loop Rd.

Newmanstown, Pennsylvania 17073

They do stainless steel castings of trim and other parts that were originally pot metal.

Steele Rubber Products

6180 Hwy 150 East

Denver North Carolina 28037

(800) 544-8665


These folks are a godsend to the old car hobby, remanufacturing a huge range of rubber parts - weatherstripping, grommets, bumpers, even the exhaust pipe tips for V-16s. Get their catalog, by all means.

Wayne Elsworth

75 Cushman Road

Leverett, Massachusetts 01054


3801 Crown Bay, Suite 203

St. Thomas, USVI 00802

(340) 998-5199

He rebuilds the gears for the roll-up windshield that let air into the passenger compartment on warm days. He also has a lot of early '30s Cadillac parts and rebuilds some of the electrical parts, and other things I don't know about. He has two addresses because during the cooler months he runs a yacht chartering business in the Caribean.

The late Charles Selick, though, was THE go-to man for V-16 parts of all varieties. He charged top dollar, but he was top quality and completely trustworthy. Who will take over his business has not yet been decided, but you will wwant to get to know whoever does.

I would also join the Cadillac LaSalle Club right away, if you haven't already done so. They have a bunch of V-16 owners who are more than eager to share their expertise, experience and encouragement. See the website at


I hope this helps. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I'd love to know about your car and talk about mine.

Best regards,

Chris Cummings

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I only have a photo of the repro engine splash pans that were on Ebay and on OldV16.com. They both got sold before I found them. I don't have any drawings or dimensions.

Mine are completely gone or were removed by "scavengers" in the past.

I will let you know if I can come up with anyhting concrete.


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