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97 Buick Riviera Air Suspension Pump/Compressor

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I'd appreciate any assistance with my efforts to locate a replacement air pump/compressor for the air suspension on my 97 Riviera.

The dealership wants $1400 (!) for the part, and a hundred more for installation - wow!

Is there another, less drastic way to replace the pump other than sacrificing myself to the dealership?



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Is the pump working but just not shutting off?

On my 95, there was a cracked face plate on the compressor,which was available separately. I think it was like a 100.00 and less than an hour to install. Of course that was several years ago already.

The other thing to do is give up the load levelers. From a purists standpoint this is not so desireable, but from a drivers point of view it is easily done by pulling the fuse and getting standard style shocks.

At least I think the 95 is like the 97 in that regard.


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Not sure about Buick but Cad, and Olds rear air shocks use the same basic pump from 1978 till 1985 full size car Toronada in 19879-85 similar. I have used pumps from different GM cars obtained from Upull junk yards. Only change was the monting bracket . Some times color code on wiring is different but usually on the signal wire from switch is different. I installed Cad switch on Olds couldn't find Olds switch the manual lists different switches for each model car but Cad switch worked on Olds with no problem. These were rear wheel drive cars but the pumps look the same except for mounting.

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I concur that $1400.00 is a bit steep for that air compressor. For general principles, you might check with another GM dealer (doesn't necessarily have to be a Buick dealer as they all should have every GM carline catalog in their computer database) for the parts price. You might also request them to check their dealership locator to see if somebody nearby might have it in stock.

With respect to a used one, I suspect that there are many interchanges for the basic pump assembly--using a different mounting bracket for particular vehicle applications with a common pump unit. The salvage yard people can verify that with their Hollander Interchange Manual. Only thing about a used one is that it's guaranteed to be what it is, not specifically work as a new one would. Sometimes, you get lucky, but could later end up in the same situation again.

You can also replace the rear shock units with aftermarket air shocks, which will require you to run the supply line and such, but that's not that hard to do. The factory air shock units generally have a unique fitting on them that will not interface with the aftermarket replacements (except possibly ACDelco items).

Is the compressor bad or might it be a cracked/chaffed air line or a defective switch in the rear suspension? Just curious . . .

Several possible routes to take, but most people just unplug the compressor and keep on going, by observation.

Just some thoughts,


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First what exactly is your electronic level control not doing? Is the air pump not running or is the height sensor not turning the pump on? This could also be a relay problem too.

If you need a new compressor I'd look for one in a pick & pull. I've put two on my cars from there and they worked fine.

As far as Riding around Riviera style in a car that looks like it has numerous bodies in the trunk or me having to manually put air in the shocks, that's just not my Riviera style but each to his own.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the advice given above Re: hitting the U-Pullit yard. You should be aware, that www.GMPartsDirect.com has the part listed for

$ 375.58 (including shipping). Part # 12494811 .

If you're not up for going to the junkyard and installing yourself, I'm sure that you'll be able to find a reputable mechanic or another dealer who will give you more appropriate treatment.

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Holy moly! I'm parting out a 1998 Riviera, I guess I sold my compressor too cheap at $40? Seems like I checked lowest price available at www.car-parts.com and priced it at that to help out fellow Rivi guys. I just checked SE region, lowest price was right here in Enterprise AL at Fulfords parts at $50. 800-377-8661

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