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F/S Porsche type 356 and early VW parts

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2 VW 15 inch 5 bolt NO Vent steel rims $40 each plus shipping. 1 "whirlpool" VW brake drum. $35 plus shipping. Used on buses? 4 Porsche type 356 OEM chrome plated 4 1/2 J X 15" rims as follows; 2 Lemmerz dated 11-57, 1 KPZ dated 12-59, and 1 KPZ dated 2-58. These 4 wheels need various levels of repair and replating. $50 each plus shipping. 2 Porsche type 356 coupe doors. Passenger side high latch, driver side low latch, both with script glass and window frames and various hinge pieces. Lower sheet metal is rusty. Window frames show scratches in finish. Frames are anodized I think. $400 each. May trade for 1911 Excelsior motorcycle parts. John Worden Phone 641-474-2313 in Iowa Thanks.

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