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1926 Willys-Overland Whippet

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Nice! I love Whippits! My grandfather's first car was a 1930 Whippet 4 door sedan. He allways said it was a very fast car and was easy to maintain. After the Whippit he bought Chevys. What do you like best about it? I'm allways surprised to see how small they are, relatively speaking. I'm trying to find out some information from the Willys Kinght-Overland-Registry. Not sure grandpa's car was a 1930. Looking at pictures I think it was earlier, can't be sure though. If you search Youtube there's a video on there of a guy starting up his Whippet. Pretty neat. Love the car! -Steve

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It is a 1923 Rumely Oil Pull gasoline/kerosene tractor. This tractor is a model H 16-30 (16hp on the drawbar and 30hp on the belt). The engine is started on gasoline and when warm is switched over to kerosene. Kerosene has a tendency to preignite in a hot engine so the carburetor also has a section with water injection to prevent this. It has a two cylinder engine. The cooling system uses oil instead of water so the engine will run at a higher temperature for burning kerosene. The big box on the front is the radiator, and the exhaust is piped into the top of box and pointed upwards causing air to be pulled in from the bottom and over the radiator. It is lots of fun to drive. Two speeds forward one reverse with a hand clutch and foot brake.





Here are a few videos of it on YouTube.

The larger models are impressive to see. The E for example is a 30-60hp with a 2 cylinder 1885 cubic inch engine!

There are more pictures of tractors and junk on my website below. Sorry for the long post, but I love talking about these things!

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There are a few ways to tell. One way would be is if you have the headlights. The 1926 model had the smaller "bullet" style head lights. Another way to tell is if the radiator badge and the hub caps read "Overland", you have a 1926. By 1927 the headlights were changed to the larger "drum" style head lights and the radiator badge and hub caps were changed to read "Whippet". I believe the cutoff between 1926 and 1927 was around serial #50000.

Hope that helps.


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For anyone interested in these old tractors, check out this site http://www.pioneeracres.ab.ca/attractions.aspx

up in Alberta Canada. Every August they pull out their hundreds(yes hundreds) of old running tractors and other running old farm machines and trucks for a weekend. I didn't count the Rumleys, but there were dozens for sure, all running. And every other kind of tractor you have never heard of from steam on up.



This USA is running in this pic! It drives too.

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