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Dodge sending unit


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Hello all, I have a 29/30 Dodge DA sending unit with pot metal gears that are no good, I dont have much hope in finding a same unit in much better condition so I am hoping that maybe someone might have a suggestion such as Plymouth or Chrylser/Desoto that may have made a unit that I might be able to locate that is not so fragile or even a suggestion on a more modern 6 volt unit, it only has to tell me how much fuel I have in the tank. Preferably I would like to have the original stuff in my car so maybe someone knows of someone that has spare parts and would help me to refurbush what I have. It was suggested that there is a posibility that earlier 4 cyl. units with replacement brass gears might work, does anyone know about this at all? Thanks for any replies/suggestions. I have posted here a picture of what I have now


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