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Move car from Chickasha or Chicago to Cleveland or Conn./NJ/Pa?

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Can anyone transport an unrestored, clean model T sized car from either the Chickasha OK. meet (anytime on or after March 15th) or from the greater Chicago/northwestern Indiana area (anytime on or after March 18th)(I can get the car taken to either Chickasha on March 15th or the Chicago suburbs/NW Indiana on March 18th and can arrange for local temporary storage in either place) to either the northeast (Conn., N.J., Penna. etc.) anytime or to the greater Cleveland area anytime before April 18th (a friend who can also store the car is leaving Cleveland for my area late Wed. night April 18th)??? I'm sure we can work around your schedule to make it convenient for you. Please either email me at olcarherb(NO SPAM)@juno.com or call 908-289-7900 9AM-9PM EST. Thanks again guys Herb Jr. Or you can pick up the car in or near Midland Texas anytime and bring it to Cleveland by April 18th or to Conn./N.J./Penna. anytime

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