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1923 Buick Truck?

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While "foraging" for parts for my 1923 Buick 39, I happened across a 1923 Buick truck. I can not find much info on Buick "trucks" out there, so I have turned to the experts of the BCAA. From what I can find on my limited research, is this is the only or maybe the last year, in which Buick made a truck? I would assume that the parts would be interchangable? Or, if trucks are rare, would it be advised to restore this one, rather than pilage for parts?

Any comments or advice?

Thanks, Dave

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Good to hear from you. To answer your question, yes, Buick made their last commercial trucks in 1923. Perhaps you should restore the truck as a mate to your roadster....and you will have two very rare vehicles!

Still planning to come to Seattle with your roadster??

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Hmmm, my interest is peaked! I will head back out this week, take some pix, jot down some numbers, (I would assume they are in the same place as the cars?) and probabaly tow it back to my house... This will make my wife quite pleased.... I will keep the BCAA post- posted... 2 23's might be pretty cool at that!

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