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Removing old flaking gas tank sealer

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I have never done this, but I have heard of dropping a short piece of chain in the tank and shaking it around for a while. It sounds like it might work and I may try it on the gas tank for my '41 Zephyr project car.

If you can find a radiator shop that still does brass radiators, the hot tank also sounds like a good idea. Most radiator shops only do the new plastic radiators around here, and then it's usually not repair, but replace.

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get a new (different tank) plenty of good ones around..that crap will not

come out..nasty stuff....tank must have been bad to begin with??

or if u must..look for brand name "renu" this is the tank coating process..

they are used to re-doing them. many radiator shops used to do it. google renu

look in any large city.

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I took my rusty tank to a local radiator shop here in Cleveland after many good references by local car collectors. This shop cut round holes in the baffles inside the tank to access the whole inside. (sounds dangerous, don't know how they do this without exploding from gas fumes soaked into the crud!) This allowed them to sand blast the full inside, cleaned it and rubber coated the inside and out. So far so good after 6 years! Don't know yet if it will last longer than 15 years but all I talk to never had another problem. Good luck, Paul

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