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Carriage lights,lanterns

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I have a few lights and lanterns,some brass,some nickle-plated,but mostly steel and very rusty but some good glass.I also have an assortment of 40's thru 60's ATLAS brand filters,caps,wipers,plugs,etc. Also a good bit of small 6v and 12v lights and lamps. want to sell all at once! You can e-mail me and I will send you all the pics of the items,as for some reason,I cant seem to be able to post my pics on this site.Got a lot of old stuff,even a few tools like drum-puller,etc. I am located in Akron,Ohio,44312. My E-mail address is: ejeemco55@aol.com Pics posted on E-bay item# 200072653019.

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