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Little Part for my "new" Reatta


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Finally took possesion of my 1990 Reatta convertible.Looks and drives like new, and since there are so few of them in the area, it sure turns heads when parked at the local Donut shop. However, I find that I missing one little piece !! It's the red and white lens on the light in the passengers door. Not a problem, but would like to get one to make the vehicle complete. Anybody have one, or know where I can obtain one??? The vehicle has only had three owner drivers [ two ladies and a father-in-law] and has never been winter driven, so it looks sharp.<BR>Now, after only 3 or 4 weeks, it's "going up on blocks" for the winter, 'cause it's snowing tonight, up here in the frozen north. confused.gif" border="0tongue.gif" border="0

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