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In 1971 and 1972, Centurions carried the 455 4-bbl engine as standard equipment. LeSabres were offered with 350 2-bbl and 350 4-bbl engines, although the 455 was optional. (In 1973, the 350 4-bbl became standard in the Centurion.)

Other differences? The Centurions offered nicer interiors than the LeSabre / LeSabre Custom. Centurion coupes in '71/'72 had a standard vinyl roof covering and a unique rear window; vinyl roof was optional on the LeSabres. Centurions offered an accent paint stripe as a no-cost option, not available on LeSabres. Centurions offered Buick's modified high performance 455 as an option, not available on LeSabres.

Centurions utilized different grille and taillamp treatment than did LeSabres. In '73, the cars became much more similar, so it's no surprise that Centurion disappeared after '73.

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