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1973 Centurion Convertible 455. Hello everybody!

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Hello to the AACA community!

I'm a severe Centurion enthusiast ever since first laying eyes on one, which is the one I own now. I knew from the moment I saw the helmet hood ornament it was an unusual car, and the looks of the thing just blew me away. I've always loved what I've learned are called "boulevard cruisers," but most especially the big, luxurious muscle cruisers of the early '70s. For some reason they just reminds me of big hair, Foster Grant's, wide lapels, live oak trees, St. Augustine grass, and Ladybird Johnson.

My neighbor uncovered this old gem and I knew right away I found the car I would have to own. Little did I know that a financial pinch on my neighbor's part would land it in my lap for $1k. It ran at the time though it has an exhaust leak where a manifold bolt is missing. I knew it was the car I would prize because I had always loved '70s-era Buick convertibles after seeing a guy in high school drive a '78 or so LeSabre ragtop to school. I just thought they were more unusual and less pretentious than the Cadillac ragtops of the same vintage (which are a close 2nd favorite).

My fondest memories of Sled Zeppelin's days as a driver are taking it to Texas football games (it's a brownish burnt orange) with a huge set of Longhorns bolted to the grille, a Longhorn flag propped up in the roof well, and a 73 jersey across the windshield at the tailgate parties. I also drove it to Hamilton Pool outside Austin and to the airport to pick up my girlfriend at the time when she came to live with me. It was my "Friday car" to take to work once a week, and I'm sorry to say it has sat without starting for several years now. I wish there were some kind of historical preservation society or government Americana history agency that would help fund its restoration.

It's a piece of automotive history!

I have always loved big Buicks, even from my limited tactile experience with them compared to many enthusiasts. My folks had a '76 Estate Wagon which I thought was good lookin and only the '69 Sport Wagon compares in my book.

Since buying it I have rediscovered one of my favorite movie monologues, from Kurt Russell in "Used Cars." It's a classic and the only movie I know of that extols the Buick Centurion Convertible by name. He is a salesman trying to sell his Centurion to a meek soul, whom he has lured across the street and into his car door with a $10 bill on a fishing line. It's a priceless mile-a-minute shpeal about the glorious car and the statement it makes (the line about gas savings is priceless).

I have a pet suspicion that I own this car. The color is the same and looks for all the world like the car in the movie right down to the shape of the dent in the driver's door made by the rube's head.

I'm enjoying the forum already; thanks for hosting!

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Welcome aboard! As you might've read already in the Barrett-Jackson thread, "Centurion" Brian Laurance referred you to my website:



He also states that you might've already joined...if this is the case, then you already know what's up <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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You obviously bleed Burnt Orange, so you should come up to Salado TX on April 14th to show off your car. Its less then an hour away from Memorial Stadium depending on traffic and construction.

Its a laid back car show where we kick tires, enjoy the weather and when we get tired of the Buicks, we go look at the Lincolns that are around.

It will be at the Stagecoach Inn right on I 35 in Salado. Come up and join us.

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Thanks for such a nice invitation, I may just do that. Unfortunately SledZep won't be making it unless I drag it up there, but I don't think anyone goes to those things to look at cars that don't run. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Lincolns are cool, as are some Pontiacs (Bonnevilles, Catalinas) and some Caddi's (who doesn't love an El Dorado 500 front-wheel drive convertible?). I'll have to admit that I am THIS close to cashing out some holdings to get my Centurion running again.

Salado in April sounds very nice, especially with our overcast cold this week in Austin. What's the group y'all hang with there? (Heck, what's the occasion for that matter?)

I'd like to get the Centurion owners' group down to Central Texas for that, maybe there'll be a few there.

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