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New Riv owner and new to forum


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Wanted to introduce myself, I have been lurking the board for a few months. When I saw this new forum added to the site, and considering that my car will soon be out of the body shop, I decided it was time to jump into the sand box. I have spoken with a few board members off line but there might be some lessons learned from my project that others might benefit from. It is more likely that I will post a 1,001 questions that might seem obvious to everyone else. I purchased a 1963 Riviera last September, which is my first older American car. I also own a very sexy, and stealth 1997 Dodge Caravan (there are so many on the road you don't notice it). I previously owned a 2000 Ford Mustang. I learned to drive on a 1974 Ford Capri and a 1976 BMW model 2002. My other antique cars have included a 1970 BMW 2800cs and a 1973 BMW 3.0cs. I say that to reinforce that the questions will be plenty.

My Riv is currently undergoing a bare metal respray. At present car is black but I will be painting it burgundy. I want a burgundy that is very dark, close to black. If anyone has any suggestions (paint codes) please let me know. I would like to stay in a GM color but I am not tied to it. I know Porsche and Mercedes have dark burgundy paint that does not have too much brown in it.

I am going to redo the interior to stock specs but will shave the door handles. I am debating shaving the mirrors as well if I cannot find a mirror for the passenger side, which leads to my first question. I have a driver side mirror from a 1965 Riviera. I cannot get to my car ato confirm but was curious to find out if the mirrors are interchangeable, i.e., driver side can be used on passenger side? If not, I am considering looking to GM cars from the 70s or shaving off the sideview mirror altogether. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I live in NYC. I may need bumper cores as mine are pretty shabby and local chrome shop may not want to do the work or it may end up being too costly. I have clam shells and lower park light assemblies from a 1965 as well as a grill. I considered swapping it out but changed my mind and opted to keep it stock up front. If anyone needs or would like to swap for parts, please let me know by email or PM. I pulled a few other things off of a 65 before it went to the crusher. I need the lower parking light assembly for a 1963, mine are cracked and in need of too much rehab. Another board member might have one but if anyone else has, please contact me - I need both sides. I may also need rear window (back glass/screen) trim.

Thank you in advance for your knowledge and support. Heaven knows I will need it.

Take care,



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Welcome to the world of Rivieras Roger!

I don't have any answers, as I'm not all that familiar with first generation Rivs, but you can check

out the ROA website at www.rivowners.org - the ROA also has Tech. Advisors to answer members

questions for the various years of Riviera, in addition to many parts sources.

eBay is also another great source for Riviera parts - do a search under Riviera, or '63 Riviera.

I'm sure there are plenty of ROA members who will have your answers on the 'Classic' first generation Rivieras !

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