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Need help with the ID of a couple of more engines.


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Hi!! I need help with a couple of more old engines that are sitting in one of the buildings.

I have not figured out how to attach picture here yet so I will have to send you to Photobucket, I hope.

The first one has a casting date of 1 8 20, I hope that is the casting date and uses an Autolite single unit generator and ignition system. I can not see any casting numbers or serial numbers on the crankcase.





The second one has a crankcase casting # 345709 and a serial # 2292277. I looks like it only has one exaust port for all four cylinders?





I hope that the picture addresses will work. Thanks for any help with the id or either of these engines.


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I would agree, and wager a lot, they are both Chevrolet engines, pre 1927. In 1928 the heads had a double port for the exhaust. IIRC, up to early 1926 the generator also drove the oil pump and was on the passenger side of the engine.

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Both engines are definately Chevrolet. The first engine is probably out of a 490 model (1916-1922) though is could be an early 1923 Superior. The square generator is the tipoff here. The next engine is 1925-1927. '25 was the first year of an enclosed flywheel. '28 had dual exhaust ports. So, this engine is somewhere in the middle. The casting numbers on the sides of the blocks would be a tremendous help in narrowing it down.

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