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EBAY Chandler - Royal 8

Guest PWN

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Guest imported_PWN

Hope all are enjoying the new year!


Up for auction one 1929 Chandler 8, 4 door De luxe Sedan. (Serial # 4715) Too many projects and this is one of them that has to go. This car for its day was a big and expensive by 1929 standards costing upwards of 1,700- 2,100 dollars. You can see why though, standard equipment included - instrument panel with speedometer,ammeter, gas, oil pressure and temp gauge. Oil filter, electric horn, automatic windshield cleaner, rear view mirror, sun visor. Closed cars have ventilating windshield, corner lights, interior dome lights.

This Chandler at some time in the mid seventies had been restored, probably an amateur restoration,but what would today be considered museum quality. Just a fun car to be out on Sunday drive with but not for show. This one runs good, starts very easy.All the gauges work, plus the radiator has the water motor meter radiator cap. Shifting is with a 3speed on the floor manual tranny with a dry plate clutch. Tranny shifts smooth and works fine in reverse. At the point in this restoration Some one thought, Who knows why? that it would be better to replace the artillery style wheels with something more durable. So, The front end and rear have same year Chrysler axles and wheels.The braking system is four wheel hydraulic. Original ads call for vacuum brakes so this could be why the drivetrain crossover. ( We found out through someone that knew Chandlers, otherwise would have been clueless). The paint needs to be redone. It is chipped and worn in places.( looks good from about 20 feet away ). Both front entry doors have a little cancer bubbling at base of them. As long as car has been within our family it has been covered and in a garage.( about 13 years) .The body is very straight with no other cancer issues. The fenders are all steel with no dents. This car does have the rear bumper designed for a spare tire mount, we just do not have it. ( Yes, we know the bumper is on upside down, oops!!) The interior is in excellent condition: no tears in the seats or headliner, carpets are good. All the glass is complete with no hazing. A couple of the door/window handles in rear are broken. (pot metal!) all the windows roll up and down as well as windshield. ( windshield rolls up approx. 1/2 inch for ventilation). The electrical is still through a 6 volt system. Electric starter with ignition on dash, not through floor board. Lights have issues within switch on steering wheel. They come on; curb lights and tail and all dash lights, but the headlights are weak and won't stay on. Bad connection or something( 6 volt system is not known for good bright lights anyway) but had to mention. Charging system works well. New battery installed 2 months ago.

Over all this Chandler is in good solid have fun with me condition. It could use a freshening up, paint wise to really bring it back to Hey Look at Me !! standards. It gets it overall but anything can be improved on.

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The reserve was never met. The top bidder "Bidder 11" was under $6000. Far less than the asking price in Hemmings. I'll bet the car remains in Bakersfield a while longer.

I wonder if the Chrysler drivetrain helped or hurt the value of the car? On one hand the car is a bit easier to find parts for to keep it running. On the other hand it is really not a complete Chandler. I wonder how the Chrysler drivetrain affects the car's performance, help or hurt it??

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Guest 1929Chandler

To me it took away from the value,but that is just my opinion. Some times you got to do what you can afford or have to to get to ride again!!

Got my 2007 Chandler calendar in the mail yesterday.It is GREAT Good Job MR.ANDERSON !!

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