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More Strange Starters and Generators... Please Help ID


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Here are a few more generators and starters from my collection. I can't find any information on any of these. Please let me know if you recognize them.

1. Autolite GH1036, ca. 1920. The distributor originally mounted to the back. It was cast from pot metal and has deteriorated with age. Does this fit a Chevy 490?

2. Autolite MAK4023. This is a very small starter. It could be from a small tractor, a small stationary motor, or a Crosley.

3. Unknown starter. The ID numbers were on the band around the rear of the starter... of course this band is now gone. (This is why I got it for free.) The phillips-head screws mean it's probably post-war. Is there any hope for this one?

4. Here's a funky little generator. There are no markings on it. The rear shows a distinctive arrangement of rivets for the brush holders.

Please email me at moseshoses@yahoo.com if you recognize anything.

Any ideas?


Roger E.


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Guest GCheaney

# 3 is 49-54 Chevy Powerglide

# 4 is either American Bosch or Gray Davis application unknown

1 and 2 I will post tomorrow at home at present.


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