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Film car needed- Tucson, AZ

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As a member of the Tucson AZ region of the AACA, I was contacted by the producer of an upcoming movie to be filmed here in Tucson. He needs, in the next 2-3 weeks, a '39 (or so) Buick as one of the featured cars. I am just passing this info along as a hobbyist in the hopes of him finding the cars he needs. His info is at the bottom; contact him, not me. (I will post this in the General discussion forum also.) Thanks! Scott

> We are interested in a Ford model A (passenger car)

> that does not need to be in sterling condition; it

> only needs to run. The main character Max, a professor

at the U of A in 1939, is

> driving what would have been considered an older

> vehicle. We would need the car for about five full

> days, but not necessarily successive days.

> The other vehicle should be a late 30's model as


> to '39 as possible (the script calls for a '39


> and is owned by a rather wealthy man, so it's

> condition should be excellent. This car would be

> needed late January or early February for only one

> day.

Best Regards,

Jason Brenizer



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