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1924 Buick model 55 gas tank question

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I´m restoring a Buick 1924, model 55 sport tourer. I´m a little confused about the gas tank. I know that this particular model had a special trunk rack. My question is: Is there any difference between my gas tank and the rest of the models of 1924? In all the book I have, the gas filling neck is on top of the tank and passes through the plate of the chassis. BUT, the tank that my car has, for some reason has an elbow on the side of the tank. I dont know if it was a modification made sometime ago, or if its because the truck rack would obstruct the gas cap.

Any help with this is very appreciated, I´m having a lot of problems with this restoration.


David Bonilla


Buick 1924 model 55

Ford T-Bird 1956

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Dear David:

If we can get my friend "the old guy" to read this post, maybe he or someone else can get a man named Basil Lewis to respond. Basil has a 1923 Model 55 and probably knows more about Model 55's than the rest of us put together.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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The 1924 models 55 and 51 have a different gas tank then all the other models. This one has the filler neck on the side of the tank. It's actually three pieces welded together that makes the fill opening point upwards. This is because these two models have a built in trunk rack and as you said the rack would obstruct the gas cap. This model has the gas gauge on the dash. There is a float in the tank and from there a wire runs through a conduit to the dash gauge. It is totally mechanical. The part number for the tank is 169629.


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The 22and 23 model 55 Sport Tourings and the 23 model 41use a larger,(22 gal vs 16),tank with the filler neck on the right side of the trunk platform. A 24 parts manual would probably show the difference, Terry Dunham may have a copy. Also the gas gauge on the 22&23 models 41 & 55 have 0 to 22 all other 6 cyl. models have 0 to 16 on the gauge.


22-6-55 Sport Touring

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