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1939 Buick coupe rumble seat?

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I believe '38 was the last year for rumble seats. After that, the 2-door coupes and convertible used tiny back seats or jump seats on the sides of the back area. A conversion might be difficult, since on the rumble seat cars, there was both a trunk opening and a rumble seat opening--it's more than just flipping the trunk lid over and making it hinge from the bottom. I don't know how similar the '38 and '39 bodies are, so I dont' know that you could retrofit a back half of a '38 to a '39 body.

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Dear Maxwell:

Matt is correct that 1938 is the last year that rumble seats were available. From a "parts fit" point of view, you probably could do a rumble seat in a 1939 fairly easily, but it wouldn't be authentic. You would also want to do the small bottom door for the spare tire. Regards, Dave Corbin

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