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FS Lanterns/lights

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FS misc lanterns and lights. I have aquired a number of lanterns and lights,a few being brass. I wish to sell these items. I have no idea what they came off of or the years of manufacture. Most are very rusty and in very poor condition. Some are brass,some appear to be possibly nickle-plate or similar due to their lack of corrosion and most are just plain rusty. Some appear to be electric,some carbide and some kerosine. Also have 4 or 5 oo-gah type looking horns from the same era.Also I have many,many new parts still in boxes of pcv valves,air filters,headlights, oil filters,oil filter cartridges,radiator caps,and many many small 6volt bulbs,signal lights,etc.Also some very small chrome wiper blade assemblies,high-beam floor switches,etc.,and two matching tires size 6.0-6.5x19" summer tread.Also have a couple of Motometer caps used,by Royce and a headlight assembly mounted on a headlight bar.The lenses on the headlights say "Essex Spreadlight".I also have about a dozen polce-type spotlights,used,some 6volt. I am cleaning out my playroom and wish to sell these items,as well as some not mentioned. If I knew of a place where I could just take everything and sell as a "lot",I certainly would,like ripping off a band-aid all at once to avoid the slow pain of piecing it all out.So,if anyone has any suggestions,I would appreciate it.I am located in Akron,Ohio zip code 44312. Thanks,Jim [color:"blue"]

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