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Engine wanted / engine available

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I'm interested in getting an engine to rebuild with my son, who's 11 years old. It's a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone has got something they're looking to get rid of cheap. I'm not particular about make or model, though something older would probably be easier for us to start with. I'm located in Columbia, S.C.

I do have straight 8 engine from a '38 Buick, but it's in California, at my parents' house. It hasn't been started in more than 10 years, but it was in good shape when I stored it. Unfortunately, it's too heavy to cost-effectively ship it out. However, if anyone is interested in working out some sort of swap or wanted to buy it, I'm open to offers.


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I would suggest calling your nearest junkyard. I'm sure they would have a rebuildable 70-80's straight 4 cylinder chevy engine complete. That would probably be your best bet,easy to work on,easily obtainable parts and good size. You should be able to have them "pull" one for you for $50 bucks max. stay in the 60's through 80's though,as earlier ones dont have all the confusing anti-pollution crap on them. Jimemco

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