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Can you help me ID this car?


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I'm new to this forum, can you help me identify this auto? I've spent several hours online trying to ID it, with no luck. I now believe the mascot/hood ornament/radiator cap has been a false lead for me. Not for sale (I wish), just an old family photo. Best info suggests it's early 1930's.

Thanks much for your help.



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That beauty is a 1928 Hudson Roadster, and the hood ornament/radiator cap is correct. It rides on a 118" wheelbase, has a 288.5 cu.in. six-cylinder engine and cost $1295.00 new. A rumbleseat made it a 2-4 passenger car, and with the windshield folded down looks quite racy.

You can see the pride of ownership by your family member, and lots of folks are going to enjoy the picture. You should be able to find some existing examples in the Hudson Essex Terraplane (HET) Club. What a car!

Tom Gibson

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