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Carter AFB choke


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Rebuilt my carb and boy what a difference! Only one problem. The choke froze up. I did not remove the piston when I rebuilt the carb. It was moving freely and was dry when I put it back together. I got the piston free and removed it from the carb. I cleaned it all up as good as I could without removing the plug under the choke body. When I went to reinstal the piston into the choke body, the little pin that that fits in the little piston conecting rod and the piece that holds the spring tension came out. I thought it was a screw at first, but there are no threads. There is nothing to retain the thing. It just has two shoulders for each piece. If I try to reassemble as is, it just falls out. Is this thing supposed to have threads? Or am I supposed to smack it with a hammer and mushroom the end? Am I missing something? Is this worth fixing in the first place? Has anyone tried an electric choke? If so, what kind of investment are we talking about and are you happy with the results?


PS this thing needs a spell check

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