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Just a follow-up, looking at the Nov. '39 chassis manual:

The part number for '36 and '37 is 48-9400-A, which is a Ford part number.

For '38 - '40 (time of the manual), it was 86H-9400, which is a '38 LZ part number.

That said, I have found that many parts given a LZ part number are the same as the Fords, so I wouldn't doubt at all it's the same!

I wish I was at the point you are, Zeff!

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From the bottom of the pushrod which is the part that will ride on the cam to the underside of the splash shield it should mesure 3 3/8 and the total lenght should be 9 ' long. Hope this help you out. Some of these fuel pump push rods had a hole in the center all the way through ,for oiling from the cam to the bottom of the flapper of the fuel pump.

Take care

Frenchy ( Doctor Detail )

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Thanks Peecher. I suppose that would introduce excess oil into the cylinders, especially through the intake valve guides. You would think, even without the splash shield, that most of the oil would still find its way to the drains from the gallery into the crankcase.


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