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Whats the difference between the 1941 Coupe?s ?

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Hi I?m in the UK and need help with the following.

Can someone please explain the differences between the 1941 Business Coupe and a club Coupe, is it seat size car length, passenger capacity?. And what would a fair price be for a decent example of either be.

Contact me via forum or direct email mark@macgames.co.uk

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The <span style="font-style: italic">Standard Catalog of Oldsmobile</span> doesn't give much info except that a business coupe seats 5 and a club coupe seats 3, and that honestly sounds backwards to me. Try contacting the National Antique Olds Club naoc@sbcglobal.net and see if they can't put you on to someone who knows for sure. The 41 is a popular car in NAOC.

Also- if you would, please tell them the referral came from here.

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To my understanding, the business coupes had just a basic "bare bones vehicle" with a few things added for the business.

Also, usually the business coupe has a missing rear seat. This allowed salesmen to put their goods in the trunk all the way up to the back seat.

The generator in the Business coupe had a few more windings for a slightly higher power output. Salemen in business coupes drove shorter distances (house to house, etc), so the higher output would help keep the battery charged.

These are a few of the obvious things.

Hope this helps.

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