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Items found under the back seat including build sheet

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I just pulled the back seat out of my 64 Riviera and found a couple of intersting items. The first is a Campain pin that says "Nixon's the One". Must be either 68 or 72.

The second is what I believe is the build sheet. Can anyone help me decode this ?

Job Number 13

Style 747 or maybe 241

Comb L29TXN52

Deck 47


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Bill, trying to generate a little excitement for New Years?? Ive seen an invoice on a 1st generation car but never a build sheet. Best I can guess is maybe a card for from the seat/upholstery mfr??

About the coolest thing I found on one of these cars is a cellophane Tuna Salad wrapper disposed of on the line behind the headlight assembly of a 65. Even said "Flint" on the label.. maybe a roach coach meal?..I can imagine the original owner brining the car back to the dealer when new..."I keep hearing a crinkling sound whenever I go over 45"...I have to take a pic of it ssomeday and send it to the Riview.


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Hi Bill,

Buick did a great job of clearing assembly line garbage from the first gen cars. Build sheets are few and far between. I have only seen a few after kicking on and around these junks for over 25 years. Build sheets seem to be much more common in the `66 and up cars.

We can decode the `66 build sheets by using the booklet which quality control inspectors used in Flint to check the `66 cars. There are a few copies of this booklet kicking around. But we have no such booklet for the first gen cars. I have several first gen build sheets, one is actually a Gran Sport, but not enough data to even start making educated guesses.

The document you describe sounds like the paper tag which was affixed to the rear seat back cushion in the trim shop. It lists trim shop info like combo numbers but is not a build sheet for the assembly of the car as a whole. If you post a pic I can tell you for sure, they are a rather common find. Hope this info helps....somewhat,

Tom Mooney ROA #56

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After some studying, I also concluded that it was some kind of upolstery tag. It maztches the carpet tag dated August 1963 I found under the rear carpet.

I dont care so much about the Build sheet, I happen to lik,e the "Nixon's the One" button the best. That was worth pulling the back seat out for.

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When removing the back seat from my low mileage 1941 Super 4 door, I found stuck between the seat springs,a 1941 penny! Half shiny where the upholstery protected it, and half dull where it had been exposed to the air.Musta been there since the seat was built. I wonder who lost it, and if they really missed it. Also in the car in the map folder, on passenger side kick panel. a series of maps dated 1941 and 1942 with routes mapped out showing where they went, ate, and slept. Musta been elderly ladies, as I also found gray hairpins, and the map showed they spent one night at the YWCA!! If that car could only talk. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

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