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ABS System Maint & Failure history ....


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Just a bit of info for you (hydraulics only). - don't know if it'll help anyone, but I hope it does. I do have some maint records from before I bought the car, but those would involve lots of digging.<P>30April97 - purchase Reatta - no brake problems obvious on delivery<BR>98,708 miles<BR>Tri-City Auto<BR>Philadelphia, PA<P>21May97 - brake system flushed<BR>100,968 miles<BR>Dobles Chevrolet<BR>Manchester, NH<P>26Nov97 - rear brake calipers leaking. Rebuilt calipers.<BR>117,507 miles<BR>Brown & Brown Chevrolet<BR>Mesa, AZ<P>23April98 - applied brake pedal, pedal didn't move - pump & motor assy (25535707) replaced, problem solved.<BR>129,986 miles<BR>Childress Buick/Kia<BR>Phoenix, AZ<P>15May98 - mushy pedal, nothing found - flush & check system<BR>131,038 miles<BR>Childress Buick/Kia<BR>Phoenix, AZ<P>01Dec99 - mushy pedal - brake system accumulator (25528382) replaced with a new one purchased from a GM dealer - problem fixed.<BR>161,906 miles<BR>Childress Buick/Kia<BR>Phoenix, AZ<P>18April01 - brake system flush<BR>~190,000 miles<BR>Dobles Chevrolet<BR>Manchester, NH<P>31Aug01 - mushy pedal, accumulator failure assumed (less than 2 years old). Car totalled 3 hours later when it was rear-ended - brake system now a non-issue.<BR>~196,000 miles<BR>Merrimack, NH

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