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233 Flywheel removal

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Hey Everone,

Need some info again. I'm sure someone has removed a flywheel off of a 233 and I need some help. I have a spare engine and I removed the clutch fork, throw-out bearing, pressure plate and clutch disc just fine, but there seems to be a small problem, the bolts that hold on the flywheel are just long enough that the flywheel hits the inside of the bell-housing. The flange end of the crank shaft is about 1/2" from the block (on bottom) not allowing the bolts to be removed from the front of the flange. It looks like there may be room above the crank shaft to lightly tap the bolts out there, but I don't want to do that in fear of getting the bolts stuck between the flange and the block, and on top of the crank, then not being able to turn the engine over by hand to remove the next bolt. All this just to remove the bell-housing.

Thanks for any help,

Mark Harrison BCA# 41906 '36 Buick Series 40

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