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Guest Chromeman

Hi, My name is Jake and I have always been interested in purchasing and restoring a 32 Flathead v8 Truck. My Great Grandpa owned one when he owned a mechanic shop and Sinclair gas station in the UP (Upper Peninsula, MI) I thought joining a forum would be great for learning things and preparing my portfolio with ideas and plans on how to make it original and to look as close to his truck as possible. It had a burnt orange color and I dreamed of owning it someday, but after my great grandma passed my grandpa sold it to a hot rod guy and he (in my opinion) ruined it because I wanted to restore it so bad. I am actually a brand new member so I will share a bit about myself.

About me:

I am twenty and seven years old. Middle child of three from a middle class family. I am a bladesmith hobbiest. I am currently enrolled at Heritage Baptist College in Dewitt, MI majoring in Biblical Studies. But I live in Muskegon, MI so a have to travel a good distance to school.

Current Career:

I am the Master Electroplating Specialist, Supervisor at Proctor's Metal Finishing. My job is to control all the custom plating needs of all metal substrates that need to be ran through the Copper, Nickel, and Chrome Plating Lines. I supervise the department and am involved hands on with my plating department. I hand wire, rack, and run the job orders through the plating lines to along side my crew. I also titrate the baths and control all chemical adds. I also am the troubleshooting expert in the plating department, as well.

I love what I do. I enjoy never knowing what kind of part may be in the works coming up to me from the polishing department. Last week I plated a .22 revolver, Schwinn bike parts, motorcycle parts, classic car parts, and a few boat parts.

So I need not help with any plating or polishing and buffing needs when I am ready to purchase my dream truck someday. (I am the son-in-law to the owner). Besides SS restoration, polishing, buffing, and Chrome Plating I have never restored anything nor am I that handy with much of anything, but I plan on doing this if I can even find the truck.

I will need to get through school first and get some debts paid down first, but I hope to find the truck and buy it before I turn forty.

I have a wife, four dogs, two cats, chickens, and rabbits. I own my own home with 2.5 acres.

I love to fish, attending church, writing, and bladesmithing.

(I also need to build a garage so I can protect the truck as I restore it.)

Out of curiosity any ideas on what buying this truck that needs to be restored yet might cost?

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