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AACA Clip Art for NewsLetter

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Hi Folks,

I just took over as Editor for the St. Bernard, LA. Chapter of AACA. I will need to get some graphics to place on my newsleter Corners of the AACA Logo. Can some one tell me who to contact at AACA. My email address is jbgroby@charter.net If you have them and can spare some, please mail them to:

Jake Groby

29354 Lyon Ln.

Lacombe, LA. 70445



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I am sure you will find the Editor's forum a great resource.

I am going to send you 4 copies of the AACA logo that Steve Moskowitz, AACA Executive Director, emailed me last summer. They are quite large in size (physical) and will need to be resized before you use them in your newsletter.

Judy Edwards

Editor, On the Road Again!

Brass-Nickel Touring Region AACA

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Big Jake, make sure the AACA logo is on the front page of your publication. We just had a question about that last month. Another editor had the logo used as a watermark, but since watermarks are opaque by nature, they are not only hard to read, but sometimes hard to see. The Publications Committee has a lot of newsletters coming to them each month, so make sure your logo is legible and on the "front page"! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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We have the AACA logo on the "Return Section for the rear cover, is that good enough? I've been working with the Microsoft publisher to try and bring some life into our newsletter. It not the fault of the past editor, she did an outstanding job after losing her home and cars as well as 95% of our members lost their homes, and cars to Hurricane Katrina and it's a miracle that anyone ever worried to re-join the club after such a loss.

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I am working on our national show for the AACA South Florida Region. Since the show will hopefully take place in 2010 we would like to include the new 75th Anniversary logo in our literature. I went to the offical logo page for AACA and it is not there. Is it possible to get a high resolution jpg of that logo?

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