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Identity of c.1910 brass radiator roadster


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I've been trying to identify this auto, but without confirmed success. The owner of the home was known to have owned a Hudson (year unknown)in 1913, but while it looks like a c. 1910 version of _something_, the radiator doesn't look quite right for a Hudson, so I think that this may be a different car. Any ideas are deeply appreciated!



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Guest Steve_Heald

Agreed, most-likely an '11 model AB. The '11 AB and '12 AC were different from the earlier A-models in that they had a higher radiator filler neck. The car in the photo has that trait. Other clues to it being a 1911 are that the wheels appear to be lighter in color; the '11's had cream wheels, the '12's had light blue. Also, the toolbox on the rear deck looks to have straight sides, that would point to it being an early 1911, the later ones had slanted sides. I've attached a photo of our 1912, although not an exact twin, it's pretty close.


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