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Welcome Mercer Automobile Enthusiasts!

Peter Gariepy

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Hello everyone, 


I am looking to see if anyone here might have known Charles Jackson of Mount Vernon, Ohio? His obituary stated that he was recognized as an authority on the Mercer automobile. My employer is the current owner of a 1931 Blower Bentley that Charlie owned from 1957 to  1988. I was hoping to find someone who might have known him then or had any photos from when he owned the car.


Thanks in advance if you or anyone you know might be able to help.

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The reference to Charles Jackson's involvement with Mercer may have been from a long time ago.  Ray Wolff sent me copies of the second and third sections of his article on Mercer from Antique Automobile issues from the late 1950s.  ( I have a recollection that he may have been editor of Antique Automobile for some years.)    This was probably the first widely available account of Mercer history,  from the time when most knowledge probably was held through the un-written memories of people like Ralph Buckley.  You may find that looking for what you want through Mercer connections would have you fishing in a dry creek.  You are probably better to talk to someone older who is a long time Bentley owner, and who may be not too distant from where Charles Jackson lived.  It may be useful for you to talk to Tom Stewart in Leesburg VA,  who has a 3 litre Bentley which I understand he drives regularly.  He will know other owners, and between them they may know some history of other cars.   You may probably trace Tom through someone in the American Lancia Club.     You should probably understand that the 4 1/2 litre "Blower" Bentley's were not created so much by the Bentley company,  but by a small group of very wealthy people that were interested in racing, particularly the 24 Hour race at LeMans.  They were the "tail that wagged the dog", and it is recorded that Walter Owen Bentley did not like them.  They were spectacular, but their racing success was disappointing.   It seems that the engineering required to maintain them may have been challenging.   One example hare in Melbourne was owned by champion racing driver Lex Davidson for years without public appearance,  and after him by John Creswell who was a very distinguished engineer.   I never got to talk to him about it,  because I never saw it with him in public.   It is likely that owner satisfaction is more likey on a podium somewhere like Pebble Beach ,  rather than on the highway.  One was featured at a recent "MotorClassica" at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne.   It was beautifully restored, but it was huge and looked heavy.  I am not surprised that W O Bentley should have commented that the Stutz at LeMans in 1928  was lower and handled better than his cars.  I hope this is some use to you.

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Saw some old posts here about Richard Paine and the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Just wanted to say that today the museum is thriving and still has an amazing collection of rare automobiles. Of interest to Mercer enthuiasts are the 1921 Mercer Sporting, that was once owned by Roger Cutting and written about in his 1969 book, "Motor-Mania," and Finlay Roberton Porter's masterpiece, our fabulous, sole surviving, 1915 F.R.P.


We would love to host a Mercer owners' meeting at the museum at any time during our May to October season. 


Mercer at Woodlawn.JPG

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Attached is a photo I have of my dad sitting on a Mercer that belonged to my grandfather around 1918 or 1920.  I sent the photo several years ago to the Harrah's auto museum in Reno, Nevada.  I was told it was a highly modified Mercer.  Which makes sense, since my grandfather was into selling aftermarket parts for different automobiles at one time.  Can anyone tell me what year and model?  Photo was taken in Raton New Mexico.

Thanks in advance for any help...

Henry Siemantel sitting on a Mercer.jpeg

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