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292 Y block questions....

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I am playing with a 54 Mercury, 256 ci and a Mercomatic. The 256 is a chronic smoker and is to be replaced. I just bought a 292 ci that is missing the following: intake/carb, exhaust manifolds, water pump and distributor. The block casting is C2AE (62' to 64"?). The head casting is ECZ-C (56"?).

Now the questions:

Will my 256 parts fit the 292 (except distributor)?

What would be the best distributor to use with this combo (256 carb is a Tpot)?

Suggestions for an eventual Intake and Carb replacement?

How do I determine what ECZ-C heads I have (compression ratio/HP)?

The engine was a non smoking, good runner but has been sitting for a year. Since it?s out, is there any weak link or "might as well replace it" parts that I should consider?

Sorry for the diatribe, but I?d like to do it right and I?m new to Y blocks.

Thanks, John

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The 256 intake is not a direct fit to a 292 [manifold leaks].Iam looking for a 256 intake and would be interested in a swap. I have a 292 intake off of a 56Ford that i am using on my 54Ford 239.The 292 intake is not compatible with my engine [borderline on manifold leaks].I need and am looking for an intake from a 256. Interested? Dom scalza Linden,NJ 908-925-4613

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(Sorry if I am hijacking this thread.... but)

If anybody needs a 292 (still in its original shortbed 1964 F100 frame) that was last run about a year or so ago, it is available along with a large assortment of other 1961-1964 Ford truck parts left over from parting out several trucks. Make ANY offer and feel free to come pick them up in Wilmington NC. I have a trailer full of left overs that I had to get out of the garage and I need to empty the trailer so I can get my Model A in it before the next show that I plan to go to. (I will actually give this stuff away to prevent having to scrap it if I have to.)

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