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The founder of the Naples Concours asked me to write a short article on his show for the CCCA magazine.

This is it. There will be pictures accompanying the text.

Naples Concours d?Elegance

By Barry Wolk

The weather was perfect for a November Concours. Not a cloud in the sky. The Fiddler?s Creek show field was pristine. The food was incredibly good. Natives of Naples, FL thought it a bit breezy but we Northerners were soaking up the sunshine. Did I mention that the food was incredibly good?

Like the original Concours d?Elegance of the early 1900?s, the Naples Concours is a lifestyle show. The host, Fiddler?s Creek, is a gated community on a spit of land near Marco Island. Once past the guardhouse you pass groups of homes in elegant settings with golf course and/or water views. The Fiddler?s Creek clubhouse, site of the black-tie event, is a beautiful mix of architectures that provides a grand place to throw a party.

Unlike many other Concours, the black-tie followed the show. That was a wonderful finish to a beautiful day. The spread of food and its presentation was a step beyond the norm. Many people rushed out of town when the show was over, missing an opportunity to mingle with the rich and famous without being rich or famous.

That?s how I felt about the competition. Clearly, the Naples area is home to some pretty spectacular cars but this show drew competitors from as far as Norway. There were seven Duesenbergs, a rare all-steel Roll-Royce station wagon and a flawless Amphicar. Something for everyone.

A 1926 Hispano-Suiza led the field in the ?Best of the Best? category consisting of winners of other top Concours. A 1931 Duesenberg Murphy convertible coupe took ?Best of Show?. The ?Founder?s Award? went to a striking 1932 Cadillac 355B Roadster and the ?Chairman?s Award? went to a rare 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I station wagon. The ?Collier Star of Excellence? was awarded to our 1956 Continental Mark II convertible. The ?Mayor?s Choice? award went home with another Duesenberg convertible from 1932. The ?Best Detail? trophy went to a flawless 1934 Packard.

The ?Peoples Choice? honor deservedly went to The 1938 Darracq/Talbot-Lago decked out in University of Michigan?s colors. The host hotel, The Marco Island Marriott, provided Bill Marriott Jr.?s streamline prizewinner.

To the exhibitors like me, the show was almost flawless. There was a slight delay entering the field but we all used the opportunity to wipe off the morning dew and polish the chrome. The exhibitors were treated to a hearty breakfast and a very tasty luncheon. There was plenty of free water on the show field. The judges were friendly and seemed very interested in the cars. I overheard a lot of ?Tough choices?. The crowd was from all over South Florida. Many thanked us for bringing our cars. That was icing on the cake.

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