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Reatta owners near Chattanooga,TN ????


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Thanks for the quick replies !! I'm not sure where Spring Hill,TN is. Is it near Sparta, Winchester,Shelbyville or Murfreesboro ? I am very familiar with Ft.Oglethorpe,GA,I have a very good Lady friend who lives in Rossville,GA and I'm there quite often. I may have seen your car in the Wal-Mart parking lot once and I waited around for a few minutes to try and "catch" it's owner. Maybe we could meet there some day for a chat. I am retired,so my schedule is fairly flexible. If you'd like to meet,let me know when you're available and we'll set up a meet. <BR>If Spring Hill,TN isn't too far away,I'd also like to meet with you for a chat. Let me know where it is and I'll consider driving there. Again,thanks for the quick responses. grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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