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Old Ford Switch?


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Hi Dave,

Based on the basic part number and the picture, I believe you have a switch for a 2-speed rear axle on a Ford truck. Most likely an Eaton axle. Also based on the part number, it is most likely a truck from the early 1950's through the 1960's. Someone with early Ford dealer parts books for trucks can probably give you the exact make/model that it fits.

I hope I've helped...


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Decoding Ford part numbers is easy, probably the easiest of any car company. There are several sites that give breakdowns to do so, the best is the page found at classicmustang.com.

The problem is that every reference I can find say that the letter "Q" is not used. Neither are "O" or "G". A part number beginning in B2B would be a body or electrical part, B2C would be a powertrain or chassis part.

In 1960 a new letter code was added in the third place to indicate product line (Falcon, Mustang, truck, etc.). This part is too early to have that advantage.

In any case the B2 at the beginning indicates that the part was first used in 1952.

The "A" at the end indicates that it is the first version of this part, there may be later revisions which would have suffixes of "B". "C", etc.

Recheck that "Q". I'll bet it's a "C".

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