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'39 Special Engine


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I am in the process of swapping the engine out in my '39 Special mdl. 40 and find there are several items I will want to replace (gaskets, etc.). My question is, for the purpose of getting parts, how many years was this particular engine used? Generally most shops tell me they don't have anything listed for a Buick until 1949 or something like that. If the item I need for my '39 is the same item used in the '49 I'd like that information.

Thanks for your help!

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You must be trying the wrong parts houses.

Your best bet is not a NAPA or Advanced Auto Parts. While they may have some of what you need, its going to be tough.

There are Buick ONLY places that you can call and they will know what you need and be able to send it to you.

Bob's Automobilia http://www.bobsautomobilia.com is one vendor who stocks such parts and has quick delivery.

The engine in your 39 is similar up to 1949 with minor changes.

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