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1913 Cadillac Weston-Mott wheels

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Hello, according to the 1913 Cadillac Parts List. All cars shipped before Nov 1st 1912 had Baker Demountable rims. After this date and up to May 10th, with a few exceptions, all cars were shipped with Kelsey Demountable rims. From May 10th to the end of the season we equiped all cars with Kelsey Universal Demountable rims.

The Baker was a split rim with two round nubs on each side of the split. There was a plate with four holes that attached to the rim covering the four nubs. Six lugs held the rim on the wheel.

The Kelsey Demountable rim was a split clincher. There were six lugs that held the rim on the wheel.

The Kelsey Universable Demountable had two detachable rim rings that could be rotated to accept clincher or straight side tires. Depending which sides of the rings faced the center of the rim. The outer ring could be removed and the tire demounted without removing the rim from the vehicle. The rim was held onto the wheel with eight lug nuts. The outer ring was held on by a small lever reading Kelsey. The rear ring was held on by a lip on the rim. Hope that confuses you!

Charley Kulchar


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