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1915 Oldsmobile Model 42

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Hi Joe.

I produce the Texaco.com web site, and I wanted to make you aware of our Texaco Car of the Decades contest. We're taking entries through September 3, and registration is free.


Prizes include a VIP package for the Daytona 500, up to $500 in free gas, and an automotive artist's custom framed rendering of the winning car.

Good luck!

- Dan

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An ad appeared in old car trader, 9/07 issue, for a 1915 roadster body, make unknown. I wrote for pics & tentatively identified it as a 1915-1918 Oldsmobile based on a perfect match of the radiator shell w/ 3 photos I found online. Nothing in common w/ your Mod. 42 except the cowl. Has the kind of horseshoe-shaped rad. shell found on '16-'18 Mod.37's and 1 example of Mod. 45 V-8 I found { this one was a speedster in NY }. Give me your address---I'll mail you some pictures. What's int. is that the body is in as-new shape. This is not a bunch of rusty parts. ----Jeff

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